Check what codecs you need to view a video


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GSpot is a powerful application, easy to use, which allows us to know at any time the codecs that have been used to compress any video. in addition (and maybe the most important) it indicates if the codec is installed or not.

GSpot can generate a report with information about the codecs installed in your computer, no matter if they aree audio or vido codec.

If youwant to know all data related with the codec of any video, youonly have to drag&drop the file to the interface of GSpot.

The main data offered by GSpot is:

Size and fileformat. It indicates if the file is corrupt or not.

The video codec used for the copression.

Aspect ratio, duration, frames and Kb/sec, compatibility withVCD, SVCD, VCD, etc.

Audio codec, bitrate, etc.
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